Maple Street Apartments

The Maple Street Apartment project is an affordable senior housing project located in Hardwick, Vermont.  This project entails the extensive renovation of two historic existing buildings which are comprised of 1 and 2 bedroom senior housing units.  The scope of work for the project includes substantial improvements to the thermal envelope, energy efficiency upgrades, code review and accessibility upgrades.  In addition, plumbing, heating and lighting improvements are being performed for each of the 16 units along with the inclusion of new renewable energy systems.  Renewable system considerations for the project include a Photovoltaic array of approximately 5kW and a wood-pellet boiler system.  TSA is working with co-developers Housing Vermont and the Lamoille Housing Partnership to complete the improvements of this nearly 13,000 SF multi-family residential project.  The historic nature of these existing buildings guides the exterior aesthetic of this renovation project while considerations of energy utilization and overall efficiency make this project a unique bridge to the past while being well suited for the future.