North Country Animal League

The North Country Animal League is the animal shelter and adoption organization for Lamoille County, Vermont. Formerly housed in an undesirable low visibility area they contacted Tektonika Studio Architects to assist them in the program development and site selection for a new facility. TSA conducted extensive research to gain an understanding of the technical and program requirements of this new building type. After consideration of various sites a property was selected that met program requirements, improved the organizations visibility and provided room for future expansion.

The new design extends out from an existing building which was renovated to become the administrative wing of the project. The public entrance to the building opens into a spacious lobby with a reception desk, waiting area and pet supplies store. Off of this lobby is the cat room with a cat common and cat get acquainted room. In the other direction is the dog kennels with an adjacent dog get acquainted room. Between these animal areas are the staff and support spaces for the building. At the lower level are located holding and isolation rooms for both cats and dogs and a multipurpose meeting and educational outreach space.

This building type required advanced mechanical systems providing air exchanges specific to the animal and human occupied spaces. Providing for the ease of animal care in both feeding and waste disposal was integral to the space planning and building systems. The animal-holding areas had special requirements incorporating durable materials and cages subject to high pressure daily cleaning. Noise mitigation in the dog kennel areas required acoustical ceiling systems. In the end the project succeeded in creating an inviting environment for the public and a functional home for the animals and staff.