Waterbury Congregational Church

Tektonika Studio Architects commenced a program development and feasibility study with the Waterbury Congregational Church to position themselves for the next 100 years. Identifying growth trends for Waterbury and the surrounding community in conjunction with church programs and outreach goals was the beginning point for the development of schematic design options and corresponding cost estimating for the project. Out of this study came a master plan for implementing the work in several phases as capital campaigns were able to provide funds.

Phase one of the work was initiated to stabilize numerous serious deterioration problems at the exterior of the building. The most severe of these was the replacement of the brick foundation at the perimeter of the building. This effort required temporary support of the exterior bearing walls of the church as new foundations and brick facings were installed from the ground up. Many of the fine exterior wood details were also restored during this phase, including the dental work at the eaves and the corner spires. In addition, the slate roof and the structure of the main steeple were restored.

Phase two of the work was the addition of a two-story structure at the rear of the church. This new addition included new church office space and accessible bathrooms at the main level. The upper level included educational rooms and multipurpose meeting space. This addition was built on columns above an open vehicular passageway, allowing circulation and fire access around the building. A phase three yet to be initiated will provide upgrades to the main worship space, including a balcony area and improvements to the altar and choir area.