Elmore House

This house is located on the edge of a forest overlooking an expansive meadow and mountain views beyond. The owners requested that an existing 1970’s ski chalet be renovated and incorporated into the design for the new house. The design solution resulted in an arrangement of three massing elements; a new main house, a renovated guesthouse, and a new garage designed to read as an attached barn. The renovated guest house functions as a separate self-contained unit complete with a kitchen and living room. At the exterior classic Greek Revival detailing is fully expressed at the main house, and to a lesser degree, at the guesthouse and garage. In contrast the interior design is a clean modern look with flush cabinetry, stainless steel cable and minimal wood trim. The finish materials are natural slate, oak and a warm color palate. The new main house spaces both at the main and upper levels are arranged around the central stair which serves as a focal point. Eastern light pours down this stair well through skylights above. At the center of the great room is a soapstone Russian fireplace that acts as a sculptural element separating the dining and living room and spreading warmth on cold winter days.