Nantucket House

This home is located in a residential neighborhood in Nantucket with ocean views over the tops of the scrub oak. The owners required a guest house to support their main house in combination with a new pool and tennis court in addition to a garage with an apartment above. A central bluestone path leads from the main house on axis with the pool with the guest house as the focal terminus. The pool yard consists of a hot tub, a changing and shower room and a trellis covered out door kitchen and dining area. The house itself is a simple open plan with adjacent kitchen, dining room and living room spaces and a separate seating area for media viewing. Upstairs a center hallway gives way to two bedrooms each with a bath. The upper hall extends out to an exterior porch and is flanked with two children’s reading nooks on either side. The wave motif provides a protective enclosure while allowing views to the exterior. The interior design has a casual retro beach feel and the exterior conforms to the strict historical guidelines for Nantucket consisting of simple forms with cedar siding and trim.