Tree House #1


This house is located on a heavily wooded hill side lot with protective clearing covenants. The design solution came about as an effort to insert the house into the trees so that it felt like it was literally a part of the surrounding woods interacting in the hourly, daily and seasonal changes. The house is thus inserted as a long massing element with minimal disruption to the topography or trees. From the living spaces within one looks out upon the surrounding trees and forest. A sense of refuge and enclosure from the summer canopy opens up to prospect and views in the winter and autumn present a canvas of undulating color. The main living spaces overlap each other in an open plan defined in part by level changes with a continuous wall of windows wrapping from living room, to dining room, to kitchen. The opposite side of the house close to an adjacent road required more functional spaces and walls with smaller windows to maintain a sense of privacy. The interior palette provides warmth through natural materials and color, combined with clean modern elements and details. Bedrooms occur at the upper level along with a guestroom and a recreation room at the lower level walkout. A nannies quarter is provided above the adjoining garage.