Waterbury Farmhouse


This house is situated on the lands of a historic farm with an existing farm house, barn and outbuildings. The owner maintains pastures for horses and requested that the new house relate to and fit in to the historic and ongoing farm operations. Through the design process an appropriate house location was selected in the proximity of the existing farmstead on a small knoll overlooking a pond. A slightly turned axis defines the main circulation corridors throughout the house and corresponds to true south providing solar heat gain and light into the house. On the interior this same axis defines the main entry corridor and the slight skew provides an expanding perspective moving through the house to the primary view of distant mountains. The interior great room spaces surround the central kitchen with varying degrees of connection defined through the use of openings, half walls and level changes. Above the kitchen is a home office that captures both sun and views while the bedrooms are contained in a three story tower element on the north side of the house. A quiet exterior palette is accentuated by landscape elements such as colored concrete retaining walls and a sweeping front yard enclosure. The house expresses a dynamic movement inside and out that relates directly to the intimate farm setting and distant mountains.