Worcestor Overlook

Design Challenge:
The house required a massing and orientation which responded to an uphill meadow approach bounded and defined by a strong conifer wooded edge. The public and private aspects of the house were developed in relationship with these site parameters. At the same time the program called for an open and casual living arrangement which accommodated an active and growing family.

Design Solution:
The entry drive sets up the public approach and entrance to the house. Moving into the house there is a layering of overlapping spaces which lead to the focal point of the great room and by extension to the exterior porches and the southerly views. There is a similar experience at the lower level where a family room opens up to and embraces the meadow yard. The layering of public and private space is reflected in the massing and roof lines of the house with the private bedroom zones rising above the house and in reference and imitating the rising topography and wooded edge.