by Tektonika Studio Architects on October 7, 2011

Welcome to our newly designed and populated website created in collaboration with our long time web and marketing partners, Earthlogic. We are very excited about the new layout and graphics and our big step into the social media world with Facebook and Linked In. We are interested to see how these outlets enable us to maintain communications with Friends, Clients, Consultants and others. We are also very pleased about the new content which you can see as you navigate through the new web site as follows:


Please check out our new residential projects; Lake Champlain House, Dewey Hill House, North Hill House, Nantucket House and Main Street House. These are all projects completed in the last several years and represent our latest accomplishments. Tektonika Studio Architects continues to hone its craft in creating homes which are unique and lend a touch of modernism to the Vermont vernacular.


Lake Champlain House

We are particularly excited about the Lake Champlain House which was completed this spring. This house achieved a 5 STAR+ energy rating from Efficiency Vermont and a HERS, (Home Energy Rating System), index of 57. Because the HERS is based upon a baseline average home, this rating is especially commendable for a small house, (2000 sq. ft.). The HERS index is a calculated average which incorporates the building envelope systems, mechanical systems, lights and appliances. An average Energy Star Home would have a HERS index of approximately 85 so at 57 this Lake Champlain Home is superior on numerous energy fronts. Part of the success was achieved through enhanced insulation levels, (R 35 walls and R 50 ceilings), and careful attention to air sealing utilizing blower door fans to highlight infiltration points. A 96% efficient natural gas boiler with an integrated 88% efficient hot water storage unit also contributed to the overall score. We are proud to have this house as part of our portfolio.


Lake Champlain House Schematic

We are also using the Lake Champlain House project to illustrate our design process. If you click on the Process tab at the top of any page this pictorial walk-through of Tektonika Studio Architects design process will be displayed. We hope that this section will allow newcomers to the design world to have a glimpse of our design process and the products that are produced at the various stages.

Please check out the home owner’s blog site accessed at the bottom of the page. As you will see from this blog Tektonika Studio Architects greatly enjoys the active participation of our clients in the design and construction process.


Main Street House

In their March/April edition New England Home Magazine recently featured the Main Street House, designed by Tektonika Studio Architects. This project done in collaboration with Seldom Scene Interiors was a major renovation with additions to a historic home. See more pictures and read all about it in the Residential Projects section.


This project was a major gut renovation of a Stowe Townhouse done in collaboration with Seldom Scene Interiors. The project was completed, (Design and Construction), in the amazingly short time period of 4 months. This was made possible through the professional and efficient efforts of the design team to effectively manage the project from beginning to end. The project will become a feature in an up and coming issue of New England Home. See testimonial below.


“Ernie Ruskey and TSA did a great job transforming our condo at Topnotch into a dream getaway for my wife and me. The innovative suggestions and ideas Ernie had enabled the job to greatly exceed our expectations. In addition, Ernie oversaw the job for us to ensure the final result matched the exceptional design he came up with. He did all this while we were 1500 miles away in Florida! TSA did a great job of seeing the job through to fruition in a very difficult environment. Very professional and thorough service provided.

I would highly recommend TSA to anybody looking to transform their home.”

David Feigelman


Tektonika Studio Architects Office Exterior

In January, Tektonika Studio Architects moved into a new office! It is a great new space for us with an open studio feel. We celebrated the move in July with an opening for the entire building which included our other tenants here, the Green and Blue Gallery, Stowe Natural Family Wellness and Sage Therapeutic Massage. The Eames Brothers provided the music groove together with a barbeque made for a nice introduction to these businesses for all. Donations were collected at the event for the Stowe Land Trust.

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