Stowe Lower Village Sidewalk Feasibility Study

by wpengine on June 26, 2013

Lower Village Sidewalk Concept_WEB

Tektonika Studio Architects provided pro-bono community planning and feasibility assistance to a group of concerned citizens and business owners in the lower village of Stowe.

The Tektonika Studio Architect team was approached by a group of concerned citizens requesting assistance with regard to improvements for the Stowe lower village streetscape as an alternative to the proposed plan provided by the State.  The goals of the citizen group were to create a pedestrian friendly link from the lower village to the upper village while also making a physical connection to the bike path.  This feasibility study provided conceptual assistance and offered suggestions of how to maintain similar amounts of parking through the reconsideration and redesign of the existing layout.  Traffic calming strategies are suggested and incorporated in the TSA proposed design.  Through the use of trees and landscape features a pleasing streetscape is created; one which acknowledges the pedestrian pace and scale of travel while continuing to provide for vehicular traffic needs at village businesses as well as safe flow of traffic through town.  The proposed alternative approach was presented for consideration at a Town of Stowe public meeting and was well received by the Town Administrator and other Town staff.  Stay tuned for future developments and updates as the process continues.

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